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Licensing Alerts

Licensing Alerts are issued to communicate general information to drug and alcohol facilities.  The alerts are issued on an "as needed" basis and are disseminated to licensed drug and alcohol facilities, Single County Authorities, trade associations, and relevant state government staff.

Please note that numerous Licensing Alerts contain DDAP's old address, 132 Kline Village Shopping Center. DDAP's new address is listed below and should be used for all mailing moving forward. 

One Penn Center
2601 N. 3rd Street, 5th Floor
Harrisburg, PA 17110

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Alert # ⇧Title ⇳Year ⇳Active ⇳Field1 ⇳Field2 ⇳
1994-01 Licensed Capacity 1994Active  
1994-02 Group Counseling 1994Active  
1996-01 Physical Examinations 1996Active  
1996-03 Scheduling of Licensing Inspections 1996Active  
1996-04 Psychosocial Histories 1996Active  
1996-05 Unannounced Visits 1996Active  
1996-06 Drug and Alcohol Staffing Regulations Interpretive Guidelines 1996Active  
1997-02 Restrictions on Licenses / Certificates of Compliance / Approval 1997Active  
1997-06 Minimum Content Requirements for Pennsylvania Department of Health Approved Curriculum for Tuberculosis and Sexually Transmitted Diseases 1997Active  
1998-05 Facility Closures 1998Active  
1998-06 Scheduling of Licensing Inspections 1998Active  
1999-02 Verification of Training, Experience and Professional Licensure or Certification 1999Active  
1999-05 Staffing Qualifications for Clinical Supervisors and Counselors Hired Prior to March 4, 1996 1999Active  
2001-01 Older Adult Protective Services Act Not Applicable to Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs 2001Active  
2002-01 Chapter 705. Physical Plant Standards 2002Active  
2002-02 Staffing Regulations - Qualifications / Degree in a Related Field (Updates Alert 1998-04) 2002Active  
2002-03 Staffing Regulations - Primary Care Hours and Detoxification Activities 2002Active  
2002-04 Staffing Regulations - Requirements for Direct Observation and Close Supervision of Counselor Assistants 2002Active  
2004-02 Locked Storage Containers: Record Storage 2004Active  
2005-01 Electronic Clinical Records 2005Active  
2005-02 Clinical Supervisor Requirements 2005Active  
2005-03 Timing of Individual Training Plans 2005Active  
2005-04 Dating of Signatures 2005Active  
2005-05 Project Director Requirements 2005Active  
2007-01 Licensed Drug and Alcohol Treatment Providers Use of SCA Assessments as a Basis for Developing Client's Psychosocial Histories 2007Active  
2009-02 Narcotic Treatment Program Medication Take-Home Privileges 2009Active  
2011-01 Financial Audits 2011Active  
2011-02 Revocation of Client Consent to Release Information 2011Active  
2012-02 Staff Training Requirements for Health Care Professionals 2012Active  
2014-01 Outpatient Clients Receiving Direct Counseling Less than Twice per Month 2014Active  
2015-01 Supervision of Counselor Assistants 2015Active  
2015-02 Staffing Regulations - Requirements for Qualifications for the Position of Counselor 2015Active  
2015-03 Staffing Regulations at 28 Pa. Code §704.1 - Project Wide Versus Facility Specific Enforcement 2015Active  
2017-01 Urinalysis Testing 2017Active  
2018-01 Clarification Regarding Verification of Patient Identity in Licensed Narcotic Treatment Programs 2018Active  
2018-02 Reporting of Unusual Incidents 2018Active  
2018-03 Intake, Evaluation and Referral (IER) Licensing Alert Revision 2018Active  
2020-01 Suspension of regulation 2020Active  
2020-02 Suspension of Regulation 2020Active  
2020-03 Suspension of Regulation 2020Active  
2021-01 Use of Medication for Treatment of Substance Use Disorder within Licensed Facilities 2021Active  
2021-02 Emergency Contact Notification by Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities 2021Active  
2021-03 Staffing Regulations Qualifications / Degree in a Related Field 2021Active  
2022-01 Complaint Investigations 2022Active  
2022-02 OTP Medication Units 2022Active  
2022-03 Act 33 of 2022 – Confidentiality of SUD Requirements 2022Active  
2023-01 Continued Suspension of Regulation 2023Active  
2023-02 HIV / AIDS Curriculum 2023Active  
2023-03 Exception Requests 2023Active  
2023-04 28 Pa. Code § 704.12 - FTE maximum client / counselor ratios 2023Active  
2024-01 Alert 2024-01 Reporting of Unusual Incidents 2024Active  
2024-02 Alert 2024-02 Updated Federal Opioid Treatment Program Regulations 2024Active  
2024-03 Alert 2024-03 Act 66 of 2023 - Regulartory Flexibilities During an Opioid Epidemic 2024Active  
2024-04 Identification of Recipients of Information in Consent to Release Information Forms for Treatment, Payment or Healthcare Options 2024Active  
2024-05 Staffing Regulation 2024Active